A Graphical User Interface for DOS

Desktop2 – for those that want to interface with DOS, graphically.

“DESKTOP is a graphical user interface for DOS, which ones used to be a commercial shell like MS-Windows™ 3.0 or GEOS™.  However, due to the dominance of MS-Windows 95, we were forced to stop publishing the program, so it’s free now…“



Yes indeed, we like free!  This does work but it isn’t incredibly easy to get dos apps that you have added into the shell. 

If you are strictly used to point and click setup well, this s going to be a new world.  Once you have it setup it works OK though!


There is an English version for download on the site.


(That’s a link thingy so click it!) This is on archive.org

I still prefer the venerable DOSSHELL myself, It will work under Dos 6.22 if you copy it over from DOS 5.

Neat Ideas: