Alive and kicking

Alive and Kicking


A340C-HI am writing this following the saga of the 386 known as The Albatross and after staying up way too late working on the next project.  If you’d like to see what’s in the lab you can check the Specimen List.

The life of working with pc retro is fraught with challenges.  Often the equipment comes from donations, or items discarded for one reason or another.  There is a challenge in bringing them back that provides personal enjoyment, not just for ourselves but also those we share the stories  with. 

 “The journey is as important as the destination”


There are many successes to be had. There are also what some might call failures, however, they are not really failures.  Throughout the process of restoring a piece of Retro technology, no matter the outcome, much is gained and learned. Experience and new skills are acquired.


Sometimes it is a matter of recalling arcane knowledge lost in our minds and buried in a shadowy corner. Other times it spawns a guttural need to know and research, similar to that which motivates inventors. To learn something you hadn’t known before but can surely apply again and again working with Retro, that’s the spice on the enchilada.  We join communities online singing similar songs. We resonate with others on the same path who may have bits and pieces of the puzzle trying to be solved; The urge to save that Retro thing.  That is a reward on its own. To interact with others of similar interests and share, to find our tribe.


But why, why do we persist?

For me, it is that I know so much more than I did when I got my first C64 and then my 386.  Back then I had no idea that eventually I would have my career in the IT world nor that I would be mentored by such talented people along the way.  Now I can apply all that I have learned, adding to what I was using back then and do so much more.  Sure, there are not too many practical uses for a 386 these days, but then neither is there for a Ford Model T,  yet both still find those who persist to enjoy and tinker with them.



Some may think Retro is all about the past, and to most degrees it is, but not all degrees.  There is an amazing community creating new products for the Retro world. They do it because they can.  Like this 9 pin serial “Optical Mouse”  Also, check out TexElec for some truly amazing creations.  There are communities of people dedicated to creating new and fantastic Retro products.  To really dive in and get waist deep in Retro goo browse Vogons forum.  Here is a link for open source projects to get you in the mood! 

It’s the internet. The whole world is “The Internet” these days.  It is made up of all our own intranets of interconnectedness with the ideas and people in our circles. But that is a conversation for another time. I don’t want to blow your firmware with that large of an update right now!  Bottom line, if you want it, it’s out there!


Everything gets old, and everything eventually becomes Retro and is sought after at some point.  Retro never ends, it is perpetual. 

We are


.:|oLD sKOOL • nEW kOOL|:.

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