The 100% 386 DX40 aka The Albatross Part 3

Part III of the story of


Welcome back to the continuing story of The Albatross I refused to let die. 

This is the video series, converted to a web series instead!  Yeah! 

Thus far we have determined the main Super Multi IO card is dead.

That effectively meant the system was not going to work as it contained all the necessary goodies (Video, Hard Drive Controller, Floppy controller and more).



While looking for the various components to make this work I decided to tackle the rust.  Remember the rusty case?  No?  Well, there is the refresher of the worst of it: HERE





Most of the rust was surface stuff and not too bad. 


First step was a good clean then some steel wool to knock of the crusty-rusty stuff
that could be knocked off.
Then I cleaned it again and began the sanding process. 

Once I was happy with the results whacked it with some filler primer.


And then sanded some more and cleaned it some more, again!





Ta-DA!    Fusion All-In-One Matte Clamshell on the bench!!


It was recommended to use something called Matte Clamshell to spray.  But…Nope, nope, nope!

I found the color too light and more like the mid 90’s pc white color. 
The Albatross was definitely some shade of Almond and I couldn’t locate that exact shade locally off the shelf.

So what’s a guy to do when color is gone wrong!





I figured if we are going Almond then let’s go Almond!!

Meet the New paint in the house!  Krylon Satin Almond!  It was off the shelf and budget friendly.  It’s darker than the original but it has a very pleasing finish. Rust handled!!!


Now back to this video card situation.  I have sourced through magic and luck, a Trident ISA video card!


With that Trident plugged in we can begin so me exploration of The Albatross

The Albatross only had a 5.25 drive installed thus the 1.44 sitting on top. Will likely mount it where the test hard drive is sitting now and relocate the hard drive to a 5.25 bay.


As The Albatross whirred to life and booted to a diagnostic hardware test and voila,

40 wonderful MegaHertz!!


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