The 100% 386 dx40 aka The Albatross

The 386DX aka “The Albatross” Going retro! Memories. Memories that inspired me to try to find something like my first PC style computer, an Albatross, a 386 ( CCCLXXXVI in Roman numerals ). I had my C64 and my C128, my Amiga 500, all before having a PC was actually personally useful or fun. I […]

A Graphical User Interface for DOS

Desktop2 – for those that want to interface with DOS, graphically. “DESKTOP is a graphical user interface for DOS, which ones used to be a commercial shell like MS-Windows™ 3.0 or GEOS™. However, due to the dominance of MS-Windows 95, we were forced to stop publishing the program, so it’s free now…“     Yes […]

Electro Relics – Pictoral Lab Update

Electro ☼ Relics Pictoral Lab Update   The lab has now become somewhat functional. Still more arranging to do. Still acquiring parts and tools. Racks are up and assembled. Internet is functional. New router Purchased not yet configured. Making project list and we have a lot to share. Standing Workbench Complete with overhead LED lighting […]

What’s going on here at Electro Relics?

Well, well , well, what do we have here? No, Really what do we have here!   This is Electro-☼-Relics and I thought hey why not use a modern web engine to share vintage computing and pc retro computing content? No particular reason. Just to be different for the launch. If you feel bewildered, lost, […]