Some new things called Electro -☼- Nodes


Some new resource items to the menu system – Check them out



These are value added content,  mostly linking to offsite resources I am creating.  We,  as in I,  have been busy playing around with Google Sites and created some nodes for Electro -☼- Relics.  These are dynamic content that I can change without a lot of page editing within this site.   I like it.

► For instance the link to Docs & Drivers pops you over to a Page with links to some Docs and some Drivers.  The docs page is tied a Google Drive page shared to the site. This is easily updated by the site admins. 

► The Drivers icon pops you over to The Maker’s library on   Check it out!!

Fabulous Furlough’s Link has moved to a node and still shows his blog “My life behind the patch“, not to be confused with his other blog “My life without pants!”

► The Specimen link shows what’s in the lab these days.  This is part of the same site as the Docs & Drivers as it also created via a Google App.

Favs is a link to another Google sheet i setup to share some of my favorite resource links.

The Sysop