The 486 Half-Top

  Awhile ago when I was looking for a pre-pentium project and before I came across what became The Little Bird ,  I ran across the only 486 I could get my hands on.  A Sharp PC3010 laptop that had lived a rough life.  Actually, I am not sure how rough because it was suffering […]

486 Alchemy – The Little Bird

· P · R · 3 · S · E · N · 7 · i · N · G · 486 4LCH3My     · S · T · 4 · R · R · i · N · G ·   [·———————————- ASUS ISA486SV2 / iNTEL 486 DX2-66 / TEAC CD56E ———————————–·] ·4·L·S·O·    […]

The 100% 386 DX40 aka The Albatross Part 4

Part IV and maybe THE END? Things have been getting done!  The case is rust free and painted.  I have a 1.44 floppy drive to add along with the 5.25 floppy drive.  I have the Conner 340 Megabyte hard drive, the Trident ISA video card, and the ASound ISA sound card AS400.  It is time […]

The 100% 386 DX40 aka The Albatross Part 3

Part III of the story of   Welcome back to the continuing story of The Albatross I refused to let die.  This is the video series, converted to a web series instead!  Yeah!  Thus far we have determined the main Super Multi IO card is dead. That effectively meant the system was not going to […]