What’s going on here at Electro Relics?

Well, well , well, what do we have here? 

No, Really what do we have here!


This is Electro-☼-Relics and I thought hey why not use a modern web engine to share vintage computing and pc retro computing content?  No particular reason. Just to be different for the launch.  If you feel bewildered, lost, or ill… well you always have the Facebook Electro-☼-Relics.


But why be like everyone else?

Once upon a time way back in the day there was no internet.. no really there wasn’t.  We still got online but we used telephone lines and everything we saw was pretty much text and text based graphics.


We had ASCII art which is hard to replicate in today’s web text editor things so we take pictures of the ASCII art and insert them, it works.  Might need to imagine a little bit.


It was wondrous when colored text came on the scene!


Then everything moved to the internet with nary a mention of that which birthed it.


There is a huge retro computing  movement now.  Interest in the old hardware and software and  culture from bygone days is booming. Why is that?  Many are too young to have experienced the ride to the now-a-days.  Like getting into a classic car they want to know how we got here!  For others, we have progressed to a place in life that we can afford things we couldn’t back in the day.  We also have more experience and want to do things we didn’t do with all this stuff back them.  Oh yes, and play those great games again on real hardware not just in some virtual or emulated way; experiencing the real deal on the real deal.

This site will evolve and this look, or lack of look is temporary while we (I) work out some behind the scenes options.  In the meantime I get to come here post up stuff that will show up on our FB page and I will post update as features are added.  Good things are coming!  The lab is coming together. Parts are being acquired. Tools are being acquired (or at least organized).  It’s an adventure and I want you to be there with me!